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I can’t believe that we didn’t make a post about this before. Our good friend, Griselda Molemans, wrote a great thriller a while ago!

A small introduction:

Fay Pizarro works as a reporter in LA. Through a serie of articles about celebrities with tattoos she finds out about a maniac who kidnaps women, drugged them, and is tattooing mythical figures in their faces. When Fay befriends Mike Flohr,the detective who is leading the research, she decided to put her expertise to help him. But suddenly the victims are not longer alive when the tattoo manic is leaving them behind… Fay realizes that she’s also in great danger.

Griselda Molemans is a journalist and wrote several non fiction books. Eye of the needle is her fiction debut. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Ade Itameda is also playing an important role in this book! Griselda interviewed him in order of her book. Some other tattoo artists Griselda interviewed for the book are: Sal Preciado, Jack Rudy en Mark Mahoney (USA), Louis Molloy (UK).

If you love to read about the tattoo scene and Indonesia, read this book! It’s written is a easy way, but trust me, it’s so exciting,  you want to keep reading till you find out the clue of the book!

You can buy the book here.

For more info you can take a look at her website: http://oogvandenaald.nl/