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Last week we hit 100.000 views on our blog! Thank you for supporting us so far!

You guys are awesome.




Click on the image for a bigger preview.

Ade finally finished the sleeve of our best friend, Joel. The sleeve consists elements like the Merkaba, Yantra, Tibetan wheel of life, Aum, and Indonesian ornaments.

Soon a small part will be added on the top of the sleeve.

Thanks to Joel for your friendship and never ending support!



When used in Buddhist literature, the Sanskrit word vajra usually is defined “diamond” or “adamantine.” It can also mean “thunderbolt,” although this definition of vajra is more often associated with Hinduism.

A diamond is spotlessly pure and indestructible. As such, the word vajra sometimes signifies enlightenment, or the absolute reality of shunyata, “emptiness.”

The vajra also is ritual object associated with Tibetan Buddhism, also called by its Tibetan name, dorje. These objects usually are made of bronze, vary in size and have three, five or nine spokes that usually close at each end in lotus shape. The number of spokes and the way they come together, or not, at the ends have numerous symbolic meanings.

In Tibetan ritual, the vajra often is used together with a bell. The vajra is held in the left hand and represents the male principle, upaya, action or means. The bell is held in the right hand and represents the female principle, prajna, wisdom.

A double dorje, or vishvavajra, are two dorjes connected to form a cross. A double dorje represents the foundation of the physical world and is also associated with certain tantric deities.


Martin is one of Ade’s most supportive customers. Besides the Barong chest piece and the full Wayang sleeve, he know got an amazing side piece done by Ade. This will be continued later with the Tibetan Bell in the same idea on his other side.

Thanks Martin for all your support so far!





This weekend we joined the Tattoo Convention in Rotterdam, Ahoy. It was fantastic! The vibe was amazing and we had great talks! Thanks for all the people who came by our booth!

The first day Ade finished the armpiece of Bram. The tattoo will be extended later to a full sleeve. Thanks Bram for your support! The second day Ade made two lotusses on the back of the neck of Thomas and his fiancé Bibi. It was a big succes and I want to give special thanks to Andy Bonzai for organising this awesome convention!

Ade also made a cute lotus on the foot of Annemaar and continued the tattoo of Esther who has a similar tattoo together with her brother Eric.







Once every while we make a post about someone who we want to support, we know, or we respect.

Last time we choose Cap Bagon Tatu.

This time we want to support Leonard Retel Helmrich.

Leonard Retel Helmrich is a writer, cinematographer, and most notable a Dutch-Indonesian film director.

Het Phoenix Mysterie was his first feature film. His documentary The Shape of the Moon won the Joris Ivens Award at IDFA 2004 and the Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema Documentary at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.

As the developer of single-shot cinema (a theoretical perspective and practical technique involving long takes with a constantly moving camera) and the SteadyWing (a camera mount that enables greater stability and maneuverability while shooting), Retel Helmrich has taught workshops around the world.

His last work is the last part of the trilogy called Position Among The Stars.

“Position of the Stars”, the final part of a trilogy, follows the award- winning documentaries “Eye of the Day” and “Shape of the Moon”. Through the eyes of grandmother Rumidjah, we see the economical changing society of Indonesia and the influence of globalization reflected in the life of her juvenile granddaughter Tari.

Yesterday we had the honour to meet this man, and talk about and watch his documentary. It’s an stunning, honest, touching image of a life here in Jakarta, Indonesia. That feeling you can’t describe here if you live in this city, he directly put his finger on the right place.

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Come on and check this beautiful documentary out!