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369 FANS

We have safely arrived in The Netherlands! We’re happy to be back! :)

This week we started collecting photo’s of people who bought our t-shirts, artworks, etc. So if you have any pictures of you, your friends, family or whoever, with our t-shirts, our artworks or our stickers? Please send an email to: thisis369@gmail.com We will post all these pictures on our official Facebook page, so that you can see a nice overview!

Underneath here you can see some examples of people who already send in their pictures!



We had a blast at Body Art Festival in Bandung! 2 days of fun, meeting people, promoting our work, making tattoo’s and watching other people getting tattooed! And we kicked ass as our team! Durga won the first price in the category Tribal and Ade won the third place in that category!  Here is a photo impression of the convention, also including some photo’s of the tattoo’s Ade made this last weeks.


All photo’s are made by Lielo.