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It’s been awhile since our last update. Busy times, but fun times! One of the things that kept us busy was, Lielo & her friends setting up a new foundation in Rotterdam called Pica Pica and the upcoming mini-art expo that Ade will have as part of the Pica Pica Parade.



A new foundation focussed on music & art raised by Lielo and 3 of her close friends, Marcel Kamphuis, Nikki Smits & Rosanne Groeneweg.


Pica Pica Foundation brings independent places in Rotterdam together with a Parade in the summer

Magpie (Latin: Pica pica) is one of the most intelligent birds and is known for his passion for collecting striking glittering objects. Pica Pica Foundation aims to collect the most striking and newest places in different districts of Rotterdam during the Pica Pica Parade. It is organized in June, July and August at 26 different places in the city with 26 sing a songwriters / bands & art expo’s, with the center as a focal point.

“Several neighborhoods in attendance are having more and more unique places (coffee shops, barber shops, concept stores, cafés, design shops, streetwear, etc), but still work very independently. We want to contribute to the accessibility and diversity of Rotterdam culture by putting these places on the map,” says the organization as their biggest motivation. Through ‘Pica Pica Parade‘ the best independent spots and locations in Rotterdam are connected by a shared theme music and art.

New Rotterdam musicians are brought together with local artists during the Parade with several instore and terrace concerts. But also think of art exhibitions by local Rotterdam artists, as well as Pica Pica Foundation will show the Netherlands that Rotterdam has very much to offer and is a developing city where emerging initiatives will get a fair chance to bloom. People from outside the city will experience Rotterdam like a local during the Parade.

The map with all the locations & events on it is presented on Saturday, June 4th during the opening ceremony and after that available for free on all the attending locations.

Pica Pica poster

For more recent info about the Pica Pica Parade and all their upcoming events, please follow them on:




This Sunday 3 July starting at 16:00 @ Raw & More in Rotterdam during a show with some nice music by Door VisserAde will present some of his recent calligraphy works in a mini-art expo, which will be able to see at Raw & More until the end of this month. So drop by for some nice, guilt-free food and to check out Ade’s art works!



Raw & More
Delistraat 24B
3072 ZK Rotterdam
wed till sun 10.00 u -17.00 u


– Lielo




We’re very happy to announce that Ade will be joining:

Tattoo Convention Paris 2015 – Le Mondial Du Tattouage on 6 / 7 / 8 March 2015!

Together with Nico ‘Slicknick from the shop they will be there all weekend to show their awesome work. So when you’re around, drop by and have a chat!

Still some spaces open. For more information: thisis369@gmail.com

Le Mondial Du Tattouage is a big returning event (one of the biggest tattoo conventions in the world) with over 15 000 visitors, which recently moved to the Grande Halle de la Villette, where they almost doubled the visitors compared to the last year and beat one of the venue’s records and the world record for tattoo convention attendance. With a prestigious list of tattoo artists from all over the world and to the great music bands that performed (Dog Eat Dog, Skip the Use, Da Silva, and The Burning Heads.)

So be there because you don’t want to miss this!

For more information:




– Lielo






Last week a friend came up to us with a documentary made in 2004 named ‘Flammend Herz’ and told us that it was a total must see if you’re interested in some true ‘tattoo history’. And nothing was lied, every tattoo-artist, tattoo-collector and even people who have no particular interest in tattooing should see this documentary!

This German-Swiss documentary tells the story of three of the earliest pioneers in the tattoo-world of Europe. The story of Albert Cornelisse (Rotterdam, 1913), Herbert Hofmann (Freienwalde, 1919) and Karlmann Richter (Kiel, 1913) who shared a great friendship build on their passion of the art of tattooing. In that generation, tattoo’s where mainly worn by sailors, soldiers or abroad criminal circuits. But in the 70’s and later people start getting more and more interested in tattoo’s and getting tattooed. Something still rarely socially accepted, especially at work. This documentary shows a portrait of these three man, who on the first eye look like ordinary elderly man, but underneath their clothes, they are covered in tattoo’s from head till toe. Herbert Hofmann’s tattoo shop in Hamburg St. Pauli was “Germany’s first professional tattoo shop”, is the place where the lives of these men crossed. They all helped Herbert professionally for substantial periods in their lives, but when he decided to pass over the shop to his younger cousin in 1981 the others felt betrayed and their friendship came to an end.

But was this really the end of an intense friendship?

An overall very touching, beautifully filmed documentary which gives you a good insight into the tattoo-world back then and the differences/similarity’s with the tattoo-scene now days. It’s almost hard to believe this documentary is not that known. From the beginning till the end we watched this documentary with a smile on our face, definitely a must see!







Happy 3th birthday to us! Time flies. It’s been a hectic but awesome 3 years. Because it’s been quite a while since we came up with new items for sale, we hope to announce our new line of t-shirts and artworks soon! Because we always want to offer unique and limited items, we’re currently looking for the most suitable way to produce our new line of t-shirts, it’s for sure going to be in a more Eco-friendly way! More soon.




Only 1 more day to go! Tomorrow is the Tattoo Convention in Eindhoven! Take all your friends, colleagues, mothers, fathers, uncle’s and aunts and visit us at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven! The convention will start at 12:00 till around 21:00. See you there! For more information: http://www.unitedconventions.com/conventions/eindhoven/home