What is the idea behind 369? 

369 is an art project by Ade Itameda, who is more known of his work as a tattoo artist (www.adeitameda.com). 369 is grown out of the idea that he likes to make art, 369 is not committing to one specific type of art. It’s about tattooing, tape-ing (making mandala’s with tape on grounds, walls etc), drawings, clothing, woodwork, etc.

369 wants to preserve culture.

Because Ade Itameda is originally born in Indonesia, now living and working in The Netherlands, his goal is to preserve his culture and bring it to the attention by mixing old patterns, images and art-forms, into a new, more modern way.

Ade Itameda is working daily as a tattoo-artist, specialized in dotwork (pointillism). His designs are mainly inspired by Indonesian ornaments and patterns. Ade is a traveling artist & is working all over the world. On the blog we will update every time where Ade is working at the moment.

If you’re interested in making a tattoo-appointment with Ade Itameda, please read more about it on his website – http://www.adeitameda.com

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