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6 years 369!

6 years 369! Wow! Thank you all for your birthday wishes!

Keep sharing your heritage, keep making art, survive!




My photo’s made this week in Jakarta.




We we’re out of the air for a while, but we’re back! Because something went terribly wrong. When I wanted to upload the new website, I by accident deleted the old blog… Stupid, I know (I should not try to fix things I don’t have the knowledge of ;)).

Which means that all the old blogposts are gone. But hey! It’s a new start! From now on we will start updating new blogs posts everyday again, but now under the new website url:




We made a awesome new website, to make it a little bit more clear what 369 is, and what we’re doing. I’m still working on the new layout of the website/blog, but keep watching us, soon you will see all the new changes! Because it’s kinda sad you can not read all the old blogs posts anymore, I’ll make a collage of all the tattoo’s Ade made in Netherlands, and all my photo’s.

And this week we will upload the preview of the t-shirts we’re going to make!

Keep following us!