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We’re currently busy designing and printing new T-shirts which will be available at the Tattoo Convention in Rotterdam in March!



We decided to go on a mini-vacation to escape from the chaotic Jakarta. We drove 10 hours in the car to Batu Karas, Panangdaran, West Java. It’s an absolutely beautiful place, not yet discovered by allot of tourists. We stayed in a nice, amazing hotel and we drove with a small motorboat through the jungle. Just what we needed.

But back to work! The t-shirts and new stickers are getting printed now and believe me they’re awesome! Soon we will upload the photo’s!




Sorry for our late update! We’re putting the last hand on the new t-shirts! So soon we will upload the 2 new designs! One design for the boys and one design for the girls. We also will be printing bigger size’s for the guys this time! It’s going to be awesome.

Also we’re leaving to Bali on 27 June for a vacation and  Ade will be tattooing for 2/3 days. He’s only working by appointment, so if you want to make an appointment, send an email to: thisis369@gmail.com. Then we will plan you in!