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Last week a friend came up to us with a documentary made in 2004 named ‘Flammend Herz’ and told us that it was a total must see if you’re interested in some true ‘tattoo history’. And nothing was lied, every tattoo-artist, tattoo-collector and even people who have no particular interest in tattooing should see this documentary!

This German-Swiss documentary tells the story of three of the earliest pioneers in the tattoo-world of Europe. The story of Albert Cornelisse (Rotterdam, 1913), Herbert Hofmann (Freienwalde, 1919) and Karlmann Richter (Kiel, 1913) who shared a great friendship build on their passion of the art of tattooing. In that generation, tattoo’s where mainly worn by sailors, soldiers or abroad criminal circuits. But in the 70’s and later people start getting more and more interested in tattoo’s and getting tattooed. Something still rarely socially accepted, especially at work. This documentary shows a portrait of these three man, who on the first eye look like ordinary elderly man, but underneath their clothes, they are covered in tattoo’s from head till toe. Herbert Hofmann’s tattoo shop in Hamburg St. Pauli was “Germany’s first professional tattoo shop”, is the place where the lives of these men crossed. They all helped Herbert professionally for substantial periods in their lives, but when he decided to pass over the shop to his younger cousin in 1981 the others felt betrayed and their friendship came to an end.

But was this really the end of an intense friendship?

An overall very touching, beautifully filmed documentary which gives you a good insight into the tattoo-world back then and the differences/similarity’s with the tattoo-scene now days. It’s almost hard to believe this documentary is not that known. From the beginning till the end we watched this documentary with a smile on our face, definitely a must see!







Once every while we make a post about someone who we want to support, we know, or we respect.

Last time we choose Cap Bagon Tatu.

This time we want to support Leonard Retel Helmrich.

Leonard Retel Helmrich is a writer, cinematographer, and most notable a Dutch-Indonesian film director.

Het Phoenix Mysterie was his first feature film. His documentary The Shape of the Moon won the Joris Ivens Award at IDFA 2004 and the Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema Documentary at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.

As the developer of single-shot cinema (a theoretical perspective and practical technique involving long takes with a constantly moving camera) and the SteadyWing (a camera mount that enables greater stability and maneuverability while shooting), Retel Helmrich has taught workshops around the world.

His last work is the last part of the trilogy called Position Among The Stars.

“Position of the Stars”, the final part of a trilogy, follows the award- winning documentaries “Eye of the Day” and “Shape of the Moon”. Through the eyes of grandmother Rumidjah, we see the economical changing society of Indonesia and the influence of globalization reflected in the life of her juvenile granddaughter Tari.

Yesterday we had the honour to meet this man, and talk about and watch his documentary. It’s an stunning, honest, touching image of a life here in Jakarta, Indonesia. That feeling you can’t describe here if you live in this city, he directly put his finger on the right place.

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Come on and check this beautiful documentary out!