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6 years 369!

6 years 369! Wow! Thank you all for your birthday wishes!

Keep sharing your heritage, keep making art, survive!





Today we celebrate our 5th birthday! 5 years, crazy! Hopefully many more to come. Thank you all for all the great birthday wishes we received on FB, Twitter and by email! And off course for your support and interest in our artworks over the years! You guys are great ?

For now: Keep seeing, keep learning, keep creating. Salam Budaya!

– 369





First we want to thank you all for your birthday wishes yesterday on Facebook, Twitter and by email! And we want to thank all of you for your support over the last 4 years! You guys are great. Man, time flies by…4 years. We started this blog and the concept of 369 four years ago, not knowing yet how this would develop. We wanted to create a name, a project and a platform for both of our expressions of art, tattooing and photography. Something that would represent a collaboration between two people, with both a passion to express them selves. One creating permanent designs, inspired by ancient ornaments and symbols with a modern touch and one in the world of still images telling hidden stories. We started this blog as our way to tell others about our art and interests. We started small but are now happy to welcome hundreds of new visitors each day, we feel blessed. In this year Ade travelled around, did some tattoo conventions and recently started a new adventure. Together with her colleague Joel (2XWORKS), Lielo (HOLY BIRD) decided to take a break for now from doing photo-shoots. She is still making photo’s on a daily basis but is now mainly focussing on the management part of 369 and Ade ItamedaAnd also in this new year we will keep uploading more of Ade’s tattoo work with background information and more travel-logs and photo’s of our trips! And there are some super exciting things in the pipeline, we can’t tell you more at this moment but more details will be posted soon! So keep an eye on the blog!

For now: Salam Budaya!





Happy 3th birthday to us! Time flies. It’s been a hectic but awesome 3 years. Because it’s been quite a while since we came up with new items for sale, we hope to announce our new line of t-shirts and artworks soon! Because we always want to offer unique and limited items, we’re currently looking for the most suitable way to produce our new line of t-shirts, it’s for sure going to be in a more Eco-friendly way! More soon.